Our super yummy candies are just that!  Super yummy!  We only use the freshest cream in our award winning caramels, the best italian naturally based flavors and natural extracts in our lollies and the highest quality dried fruits and premium nuts in our nougats.  Every candy is hand made in small batches and hand wrapped.  Why go thru all that trouble?  When you treat yourself to a DIVA confection, you will understand our mission: to create the most distinctive, vibrant and pleasurable flavor experience.  TASTE.  It's why we do what we do.  

Indulge in the fruits of our hard work, craftsmanship and passion. 

"Straight Up" Caramels

Handmade with fresh cream, natural vanilla bean seeds and roasted sea salt.  These caramels are soft, smooth, luscious and packed with flavor.  This candy inspired DIVA to exist!  Not-so-sorry to say, but once you have had a DIVA caramel, you will never go back to the mass produced, sugar-and-artificially flavored caramels at your local store. 
(We didn't!)

Dark Chocolate Caramel
"Straight Up" with the addition of dark Belgian chocolate couveture.  Super rich, super flavorful, super yummy!   

Forget the dry, flavorless, store-bought marshmallows-- You've never had anything like this!  Two flavors + two colors = one very yummy, soft and fluffy treat.  These are best devoured when fresh, so we make them to order for you.  We have lots of flavors available.  Suggestions: blueberry+vanilla; key-lime+coconut; watermelon+watermelon; almond+cherry.  Please ask if we can make your favorite flavor combination.  

Candied Citrus
Whole candied citrus is truly a rare treat.  It takes a full two weeks to slowly and thoroughly candy these fruit slices to perfection.  A true labor or love--and worth every second of effort!  We make candied orange, lime and lemon.  (not always immediately available)

French Honey Nougat
Sweetened with clover honey and packed with roasted whole almonds, dried Montmorency cherries and salted pistachios, this French classic needs no flashy, generational upgrades...  It is pure candy perfection.  Sweet, salty, sour, crunchy and finishes smooth, as it melts  in your mouth into a consonance of flavors.  All natural, no less! 

Dark Chocolate Nougat
Very dark chocolate nougat made with Belgian dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, roasted hazelnuts, roasted almonds and candied orange peel.  Just try to eat only one.  Double-dog dare ya !

Pate de Fruit
All natural jellies made from apple pectin and real fruit.  Yummy, squishy, tart and sweet--and a naturally good treat (very little guilt with this one)!  Current flavors: Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Lychee, Sour Cherry. 


No suckers here.  Just hand made, naturally flavored sugar lollipops!  Current available flavors: raspberry, peppermint, blueberry, lychee, coconut, banana, cherry, key-lime.  Any many more!  Just ask.