All of our molded chocolate bon bons and truffles are hand made with the finest Belgian and French chocolate--and you can taste the difference.  We take already exquisite dark, milk and white chocolate and blend it with the best extracts, spices, herbs and compounds.  No hydrogenated oils, no "fake" vanilla here.  Just logic: only the best ingredients can yield the best possible product.  Add all that to our mission: to create the most distinctive, vibrant and pleasurable flavor experience.  

Indulge in the fruits of our hard work, craftsmanship and passion. 

Very Wild Cherry

Like the name says--Very Wild Cherry.  Blanketed with pink and yellow flowers or pink and yellow stripes,  this dark chocolate bon bon will delight any sour cherry lover's sweet tooth.  Rich, dark chocolate encapsulates a luscious dark chocolate wild cherry ganache.  Tart and fun!

Red Hot Crunch

Sweet and Spicy! (and we mean it!)  This molded dark chocolate is a heat-packed delight with a blend of premium Saigon and Ceylon cinnamons, candied micro bits of hazelnuts and a nice dash of cayenne pepper.  Red Hot!

Honey Citron

Natural and delicious, this dark molded chocolate is filled with a honey-citron marmalade and a dark chocolate honey ganache.  Luminescent violet and gold textures complete this explosive beauty.