All of our molded chocolate bon bons and truffles are hand made with the finest Belgian and French chocolate--and you can taste the difference.  We take already exquisite dark, milk and white chocolate and blend it with the best extracts, spices, herbs and compounds.  No hydrogenated oils, no "fake" vanilla here.  Just logic: only the best ingredients can yield the best possible product.  Add all that to our mission: to create the most distinctive, vibrant and pleasurable flavor experience.  

Indulge in the fruits of our hard work, craftsmanship and passion. 
Enjoy !

Salted Pistachio

This molded milk chocolate bon bon is to die for!  It is adorned with yellow and green stripes and filled with an amazing white chocolate-premium Italian pistachio paste ganache.  Stunningly beautiful and stunningly delicious.

Caffe Latte

For those who like cream with their coffee...  This molded milk chocolate bon bon is filled with a premium espresso bean infused white chocolate ganache.  These "demi" coffee cups pack a "grande" flavor punch!  They are hand speckled with pearl cocoa butter and finished with three dark chocolate "coffee beans."  We can't think of a better way to get your java on.