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About Diva...

I am Karianne Soulsby, Owner and DivaChef of Diva Chocolates & Confections Inc.  My path to divadom in pastry is a bit unconventional… (but then again, so am I!)  


Why Diva?  What is Diva?  A Diva is a “larger-than-life celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera and theatre.”  In the late 19th century, Diva literally meant “goddess” in Latin.  My neighbor lovingly bestowed upon me the title of “Diva” after having to listen to me sing for countless hours through our thin condo walls.  On stage and in the kitchen, I strive to be a true Diva. 

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About Our Goodies...

With each premium product at Diva Chocolates & Confections,. you are indulging in the fruits of our hard work, craftsmanship and passion.


We start with a thoughtful selection of ingredients and craft them into yummy, memorable and uniquely delicious treats--through years of recipe development, infusion personality and love.  Our goal is to make you as big a fan of our goodies as we are!


We have a wide array of treats to choose from and we are adding and developing new recipes all the time.  If we are not currently offering what you are looking for, please ask! Whether you are looking for a custom event cake, a loaf of artisan sourdough, molded chocolate bonbons, plated desserts for a dinner party or just a really good sweet roll, muffin or cookie—the Diva can help! 

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Wanna make friends and impress your neighbors? 

Have a big 'ol

Pastry Party!

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